Body balm

Making balms is simple. Just set up a double boiler (metal bowl that fits snugly over a pan half full or water.) 

Melt all ingredients adding essential oil last and starting with wax which is hardest to melt (cut it into pieces before melting for more even melt.)  be sure to continue to mix as it melts. 

Then pour into containers:I have been making body balms for years now and have never stuck to a recipe. 

I wrote Badger (who’s balms I love) to ask for their recipe. They gave me their lip balm recipe:

Organic Cocoa Butter Lip Balm Recipe

6 Parts Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 

6 Parts Organic Unrefined Cocoa Butter

5 Parts Organic Golden Beeswax 

3 Parts Organic Castor Oil 

*1/4 Part Organic Essential Oil of your choice

AND they told me the BODY BALM differs from LIP balm by only this:

There is no cocoa butter in the regular BadgerBalm. If wanting to recreate the balm, you can replace the cocoa butter with part olive oil and part beeswax.

So ever since I have been guessing at the proportions. I melt it all down, pour it into containers (old mint tins, glass jars, anything really.)  If i don’t like how it feels- i melt it again and add something. 

Too soft- add more beeswax. Too hard, more oil. I have used almond oil. Coconut oil smells great but because it is a solid at room temperature- it tends to make them harder. 

But I really wanted to nail down the proportion of oil to wax. 4:1 oil:wax is too hard. So still a work in progress. 

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