Christmas snow globe

Using an old jar (mason if it does not have design on it- you want full transparency) take photo and approximate what size child will be compared to jar.  I.e. My mass stack of peanut butter jars (thankfully appreciating that I saved them all these years!) are 4″ tall. So I did not have kid fill the frame of the photo- rather about 2/3 up for 4×6″ print:

A solid color background would make it easier but really doesn’t matter. 

Cut out kid and laminate (I finally bought my own hot/cold for $20 on amazon.) I used hot setting although have no clue the difference. 

I cut out leaving a generous border so that plastic sealed on self. Bend at feet so that it stands and you have something to glue:

After trial and error- realized you only need a small base to glue photo down to lid. Too much glue and you can’t close lid properly. Be very careful no glue is near the lid margin or you won’t be able to close!!!;

Glue feet down: (Mica with pneumonia can even do this part!)

Again be sure to stay away from the edge. 

For the class, we added plastic Christmas trees behind each kid:

Fill glass with water and dump in a bunch of glitter. A little more glitter than you think because some will stick to photo. 

Add glycerine. 2-3 teaspoons per cup of water. I think if you use too much it can make water cloudy. 

Be sure to add water to the very tip top. Even if some overflows when you put lid on- better than not enough because you get bubbles.  Add crazy clue to inside lip of lid and pop her in and close lid!!

Shake and have fun!

I added extra layer of glue gun glue to outer edge of lid just to be anal:

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