“Making” soap. Really just shaping soap ;)

There are many ways to make soap. But we are essentially melting down a base soap and just adding color and scent.

You can buy base soap from amazon-

You cut it into small 1/2″ cubes for faster melting and put in double boiler. We originally did a bowl inside pot with water-

But I prefer using a glass measuring cup because the lip makes it easy to pour into molds.

Still soap base until fully liquid and add color-

I literally just eyeball it. Less is more because you don’t need that much and can always add more if color not dark enough.

Add essential oils for scent- again, eyeball until you like the smell.

Then pour into silicone molds that you first prep by spritzing with rubbing alcohol just before you pour. I am sure you could skip that step but it apparently helps with removal once hardens.

Then let sit until hardens. Ours surprisingly stiffened in less than an hour.

You pop them out of the mold and voila. Done.

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