Lumi inkodye and cyanotype- light sensitive paint and fabric

This reminds of when I was a kid developing shadows with light sensitive paper.

Oh inkodye- you just paint the dye (shake well) on your fabric:

Inside- in low light area.

Then blot excess paint with paper and towel and set down what you want to print. Here a feather:

Bring out to direct sunlight and let set. Be sure it does not fly away. You can secure with pins or clear tape (if negative.)

After minimum of 15 minutes (I left longer)- bring inside and quickly Rinse.

The inkodye is fun because you can paint on any natural fabric. My dye may be old but not super vibrant.

Cyanotype is pretreated fabric squares.

They are much more vibrant.

I created negatives of photos using the inkodye negative maker site. Then printed on transparency paper. Two copies printed and taped together. This is necessary.

Then I taped them to the fabric and brought to bright sunlight for 25minutes.

Then bring inside and wash with water until water runs clear. I think soaked in hydrogen peroxide diluted in water to quickly set the fabric so that does not further develop. And voila!

This was a negative made from a photo copy of my face!

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