Making surprise birthday cakes

I have made cakes from scratch- this blows them all away

I prefer French vanilla flavor but grocery store ran out. So this works too.

The day before- I make two boxes of this as per instructions. Then I divide the batter in two bowls and add food coloring.

I add each color to a separate load pan and bake as directed. Once done- I leave them in loaf pan, cover w Saran Wrap and put in freezer. The next day- I make another two boxes of batter and add one color off food coloring to it, different than the rest, or no food coloring to keep white. I spray a bunts pan:

With tall sides, with cooking spray. Then I add about an inch of batter and refrigerate. I also put the rest of the batter in fridge to thicken.

While that’s in fridge, I take out the colored loaf pans and cut thick slices (1-2″ wide). Because they are frozen, it is easier to cut the pieces into letters. I prefer to cut the brown edge of the loaf as well because they stay brown, and doesn’t look as great in cake.

If the letter has a space like above- you will want to add cooked cake to that area so that it does not collapse. It’s easier if you don’t have a letter that has a collapsible part.

Then I put in the bundt pan with letter tops facing down. I space the letters around the pan and fill in the space with the remaining batter. When batter is cool it is thicker and holds meter in place better.

Be sure to cover all letters even if parts slightly sticking up. Bake as per box- usually takes forever, over an hour.

Then when done, remove from pan/ flip on to serving cake.

You can see where the colored pieces are because they show through the sides- I like to mark those areas on the plate so I am sure to cut in the center of that piece. You can see that the letters float around.

I like when the colored piece is large and touches both sides of the pan- do they stay centered.

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