Acrylic Paint Pouring

So Ciela and I tried this new technique. It is so cool… we started on wood blocks and then moved to cardboard boxes, blank book covers, and postcards with the paint that remained in the tins.

The proportions are essentially impossible to nail down- but essentially:

  1. Put LIQUITEX POURING MEDIUM in plastic cups
  2. add acrylic paints (one color per cup) to each- hard to tell how much but more liquitex than paint I would guess
  3. decide one color to be your PRIMARY color. Do not add coconut milk to this primary color.
  4. add COCONUT MILK= silicone to each other cup. 4 pumps each.. more is better I believe
  5. slowly pour the additional colors into that PRIMARY CUP of paint
  6. add each of the other colors into first cup- slowly pouring it in. DO NOT MIX
  7. Do the pouring OVER a aluminum tin to catch the paint that will fall over the sides
  8. Place board on top of first cup, and while maintaining full contact, FLIP it
  9. gently slide the upside down paint all over the board to coat it…
  10. LIFT the cup and let the paint pour outZvX8%1opRyy+43rXzx8Q6QYdEtG7i8TsKQkIr2z9KS1gIMG_8536IMG_8538fullsizeoutput_1483bwh0Xe5ATdSq3oeHtKOHiglCj1hX22RHiyvQ31bwYDKgIMG_8543

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