Making lip balm

There are so many recipes online and I keep fudging with my proportions.  But essentially what I like to use is- beeswax (the beads melt easier than the blocks that are hard to cut) coconut oil, grape seed/almond oil and essential oil for scent. 

I lay down tin foil over entire area I will be working for easy cleaning later. For this batch I wanted to have a pink hearts in center so I put in plastic heart shaped pencil sharpeners (strictly to act as a negative mold.). Then in double boiler (large pot of water with metal bowl sitting on top) I add the wax first until mostly melted. Then I add the oils, ending with essential oils last (they can apparently burn if heated too much although I don’t understand this.)

Proportions of ingredients:

3/4 part Beeswax in grams (because I use a scale to measure)

1 part coconut oil (more solid at room temp)

1 part almond or grape seed oil (liquid at room temp)

Essential oil (I always add more than the few drops they suggest- but you have to wing this part)

This gives you a solid thicker texture of lip balms. If you want it smoother, just use less wax or add more almond/ grape seed oil.  I highly recommend making a batch- remove from heat- pour a small amount in a tin and let cool. Then see if you like it. You can add more oil from there if you want it smoother. It really sucks to pour into thirty cans and then realize it is prohibitively hard and you have to take it out of each tin and remelt. 

Wax comes hard in beads. You can just use a measuring cup to measure volume but obviously there will be air space in there. Since I have a scale, I measure it in grams and use this conversion to know how much I should use. (You enter volume and beeswax- and gives you weight.)

It’s messier but easier if you then pour the melted ingredients into a pitcher of some sort- with a spout for pouring. You lose some of it in the transfer but I don’t like heating plastic and so would not melt the ingredients in a plastic spouted container which is all I have. If you pour directly from metal bowl, it can get messy. 

Then simply pour into the tins.  Let cool. Remove plastic mold hearts- I used pliers:

You can let the ingredients solidify in metal bowl while you wait for it to harden- and re-melt it over heat/ double boiler. I added a small amount of colored lipstick to add the faint pink color to the next batch. The lipstick melts fasts. You can used tint for this but I just used old lipsticks I never use. A little goes a long way. 

Once melted/ stirred- just pour into the heart holes. This is technically hardest part. You don’t want to drop/ spill outside the heart if possible.  Let dry! 

If our drip a little of the pink batch outside the heart (where you don’t want it) wait until fully hard and use edge of a butter knife to scrape off. Doesn’t look as perfect so try to not spill! 

I always prefer the untouched look:


With the leftover batch- I always have tubes ready to fill:It’s amazing how many tubes you can fill when you think you have very little left!

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