Mathematical Magic! Goldman Family Spot it

I wanted a fun gift to send the cousins in preparation for us all to be together this summer.   So when Franco told me about the Spot it! game that he played with miss Ruby, I realized had to try to make a personalized version. 

I researched online and found he algorithm to solve the puzzle. The original game has 55 cards with 57 images. Every single card has one and only one match with every single other card.  So in a deck of 55 cards- you flip two over and there will be only one matching image on both cards.   It’s too smart for me to wrap my head around actually understanding the math behind it.  So I just trusted the brainiacs out there who made the algorithm for a smaller set of cards (I did not want to make 55 cards!) 

And made a set for othe Goldman clan using photos of Goldie, Toro, their children and grandchildren. 

I cut and pasted the faces of 31 family members on to one page to easily print. I printed 6 copies of each (you need 5 or 6 photos of each for the 31 card algorithm.) 

Cut out each face (fast with paper cutter.) Correction- This photo say u need five photos for each person. You actually need 6photos for each and you won’t use the sixth image for half of them.  

 Measured and drew lines for six cards per 8×11.5″ piece of paper.  And then hand wrote the corresponding numbers for each card:

I am including these pages to serve as template to make new sets of cards. But if you want to go to the site to get different versions for different numbers of cards/images:


Then I wrote on a guide printout of all the faces with a number to correspond for each persons face: 

I grabbed my glass of wine and just started sticking the face to its corresponding number on the cards (glue dots helped speed up the process.) 

I also hand wrote a cover card “goldman family spot it” and an instructional card= 33 cards per deck/game. 

Once all the numbers were covered with their corresponding faces (my master copy complete), I made photocopies for each family  (before cutting them up.)   The master set is on cardstock but because I laminated them, I only used regular copy paper. 

Just as I was about to cut them all- I realized that they would all mix up and that would just screw everything up (the magic would no longer work).  So I had the boys help me put matching color stickers on each set of cards to distinguish them.  


THEN I cut them up (paper cutter made this super fast- especially because I cut multiple sheets at a time.) 

And handed the staples guy 231 cards to laminate. (Poor fella!)

Once they were laminated, I recruited Tati and my glass of wine and we cut them all out. 

It was tedious. With many steps.  Measuring. Labeling. Sticking. Cutting. But I did it in sections when I found time. It’s definitely do-able. You just have to be anal with labeling because one mismatched face and it won’t work!

Voila! Goldman family Spot it! 



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