Baby shower onesies 

For my sister-in-laws baby shower- I decided to decorate with onesies that I personalized with images I scanned from my favorite children’s books.  I thankfully saved those images and have used for many new baby gifts ever since. 

Baby onesies cost about $2 each or cheaper when you buy in bulk. So it makes for an affordable but personal gift!

Just scan images and crop to fit several per 8×11.5″ page (I just used word document.)

Print on to iron-on paper. (Amazon/Michaels sell. The white fabric is ironed face down and then you peel a plastic cover off. The dark is simply ironed on face up.)

You have to reverse image if you you the light fabric iron-on paper. Regular printing if you use dark fabric iron-on. 

Cut out and iron on. That easy!


The most time consuming part is the scanning and compiling of the images on to a JPEG or word document. Once that is complete you can quickly print, cut and iron on with future gifts. 

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